Pete Forde hacker tourist

The best experiences don't invite you

No moment like the present
There might not be another

A 12"x12" print in a wooden frame
Square is back in style

Assembled by hand in Toronto
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Pete Forde

hacker tourist

I love taking square photos. Most cameras shoot rectangles now, so a square commands attention.

The Hasselblad camera that I use has so much history. Did you know that NASA used them on the Apollo missions?

In fact, there are still 12 Hasselblads on the surface of the moon today.

This photo is called "f/8 and Be There" which is good advice for those that obsess over fancy cameras.

f/8 and Be There [2010]

22 prints of 25 remaining

12" x 12"

Frame: Black Wood + Glass
20" x 20" (50x50 cm)


Available until Sept 18th

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